Bega Showgirl

The Land Showgirl Competition aims to find a young woman to act as an ambassador for rural NSW. Her role involves many official and informal duties at her local show, community and at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It is not a beauty pageant. 

Most importantly, Showgirls must have a genuine interest in, and knowledge of, rural NSW. The Competition encourages the participation and subsequent awareness of rural women’s contribution and involvement in both local communities and rural NSW as a whole.

Being a Showgirl means being involved in your local Show; presenting prizes, sashing livestock, speaking with media and generally being in the public eye. The presentation of the Showgirl entrants in the main arena is a major attraction to our Show.

The winner of a local Showgirl competition is selected by a panel of three judges who are nominated by the local Show Society. The panel will comprise of a mix of judges, male and female with local backgrounds and also from outside the district. The Showgirl reigns for one year until the next Show.

Please read the following information to ensure you understand the competitions conditions and guidelines.

Key Dates

Last day to enter the competition 22/1/19

Showgirl Judging Luncheon starting 10am 2/2/19

Far South Coast National Show 15-17/2/19

Zone 3 Final at Cobargo 9/3/19

Sydney Royal Easter Show Showgirl Competition 12-23/4/19

 Conditions & Entry

The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Competition Conditions and Guidelines

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW- Information on the Land Showgirl Competition

Entry Form Bega Showgirl

If you have any queries or require further information please contact Marie Smith 0408 619 188.


Each girl is interviewed for approximately 15 minutes by a panel of three judges. Then will conclude the day at a group luncheon with entrants and judges.

Girls are to wear appropriate day/business clothes.

The following is a guide to what may be expected as a Showgirl

  • To be able to speak intelligently about Australian current affairs and in particular her own district from the point of view of her age group.
  • To demonstrate genuine knowledge and interest in rural issues in New South Wales.

Judges are asked to allocate points as follows:

Personality 20 points
Confidence 10 points
Ambitions/Goals 10 points
General Knowledge 15 points (Local, Australian, International)
Rural Knowledge 15 points (General, Local, Show)
Personal Presentation 10 points (Style, Grooming & Deportment)
Diction and Speech 10 points
On stage Interview 10 points

Questions asked by the judges might include:

– About yourself:

– Tell us about your work?

– Hobbies, sports, interests, and social life. Involvement or interest in the show or community.

– If still a student they may inquire about your studies and future plans

– Future goals and ambitions.

– Questions regarding this area:

– Primary production, Industries, Local areas of interest

– Current affairs topics

– General knowledge

– Who is the Premier, Local Members of Parliament, Mayor of the Bega Valley

– What would becoming the Bega Showgirl mean to you? What are you aiming to get out of this experience?

Duties of the Bega Showgirl Entrant

Please try to be present at the show as much as possible. This is a great way to meet people, learn more about the show, share your interests and promote the Showgirl competition. Visitors to the show are often interested in talking to the showgirl entrants, so please use this as an opportunity to share the importance of the competition and connect with the community.

Please aim to be present at the horse events, cattle judging, pavilion and poultry exhibitions, woodchop and entertainment shows. Stewarts will welcome your help and assist you with your duties. This will also give you a great insight into ‘behind the scenes’ and how the show runs.

Please wear your sash at all times during the show.

In addition to the duties of the showgirl entrant, the Showgirl winner is required to attend the Zone 3 Final. If the winner cannot attend the zone final, the runner up will replace at the next level of the competition.

If you have any queries or require further information please contact Marie Smith 0408 619 188.