DOWNLOAD: 2024 Derby Rules and Entry Form & Terms and Conditions 2024 – please note new rules!

This popular event, in its 44th year is sponsored by Bega Valley Motors and is held on the Bega Show Sunday Night attracting a large crowd every year.

In the arena, a number of vehicles attempt to put all other competitors out of action and the winner is the last vehicle still capable of being driven.

The crowd loves this event and as the last event on the Show Program, it closes the Show.

First Prize:  $1000 Sponsored by Bega Valley Motors

Second Prize:  $500 Sponsored by MGM Panel Beaters

Best Presented:
  $200 Sponsored by LJ Hooker Bega  

Best Performed:  $200 Sponsored by LJ Hooker Bega



♥$100 for  Best Technically Correct Vehicle. Make sure you read the b*&^%dy rules  Sponsored by AutoPro Bega

Jackpot car is now up to $400  Sponsored by Bega Show Society.