Stables & Yards Bookings

Stables and yards can be booked now.  Bookings are for the duration of the Bega Show. [ 3 nights]

Your booking is not confirmed until you have made full payment to the Show Society. Your booking will be confirmed by return email with ALLOCATION OF STALL.

Bookings can only be paid online.

Stall allocation will be on a best fit basis.  It is important you are as clear as possible on your booking form about particular requirements.  This will allow our steward to meet as many of your needs as possible. Put your needs in the ‘Additional Notes’ or ‘Notes’ field at CHECKOUT.

Bookings for the 4 days/ 3 nights are:

Stables are $30 ea [Tathra Rd/ eastern side]

Covered yards are $15 ea [Upper Street/ northern side]

Open yards are $10 ea [Tathra Rd- East St. to east St. entry gate]

Build your own yards are $5 ea.  [Mostly on the lagoon site]

For further information please Contact Us

Stables site plan