2018 Ring Schedule


ALL COMPETITORS: Must complete the entry and waiver form and submit it with their entries or as per instructions below  Horse waiver 2018

SHOWJUMPING EVENTS:   Entries must be made with the Ring Secretary 2 hours before the commencement of the Event.


These are not listed in the schedule. If you wish to enter these classes please use the class numbers listed below.

Class171a. AHHA Member Show Hunter Pony.
Class178a. AHHA Member Show Hunter Galloway
Class186a. AHHA Member Show Hunter Hack.

DRESSAGE: Entries close at 12 NOON, MONDAY, 12th FEBRUARY 2018

– book and pay for tests HERE

– fill in waiver Horse waiver 2018
– send form to Tanya Rutter- tanyarutter@internode.net.au  0409393913
– Tanya will contact you with confirmation of test[s]
JUDGES:  Hack: Cheryl Drummond, Bob Boatwright.  Dressage: Pip Collins

INSUFFICIENT ENTRIES: Where there are insufficient entries in any one class, the Judges may use their discretion and combine classes. Secretaries of local Breed Societies must be consulted where applicable.

OTHER EVENTS: (Non-showjumping): Entry will be by means of tickets, which may be purchased at the
Ring Secretary’s Office at a cost of $2.00 per ticket. Entry Fees shall be one ticket for events with
Prizemoney up to $10.00 and two tickets for events with Prizemoney over $10.00. No refunds on unused

IN EVENTS FOR PAIRS OR TEAMS OF HACKS: A single entry is required for each pair or team.

MEASURING: Measuring is available and will be carried out by officials from the A.P & H Society

STABLING & CAMPING: Can only be booked and paid for online HERE