Ring Schedule 2019

ALL COMPETITORS: Must complete the entry and waiver form and submit it with their entries or as per instructions in the schedule.

SHOWJUMPING EVENTS:   Entries must be made with the Ring Secretary 2 hours before the commencement of the Event.

DRESSAGE: Entries close at 12 NOON, MONDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2019

– book and pay for tests HERE

– fill in waiver Horse waiver 
– send form to the Secretary
– enquiries to Tanya 0409393913
– You will be contacted with with confirmation of test[s]

JUDGES:  Hack: Mark Claanan, Wayne Loughnan.  Dressage: Christine Connolly

INSUFFICIENT ENTRIES: Where there are insufficient entries in any one class, the Judges may use their discretion and combine classes. Secretaries of local Breed Societies must be consulted where applicable.

OTHER EVENTS: (Non-showjumping): Entry will be by means of tickets, which may be purchased at the
Ring Secretary’s Office at a cost of $2.00 per ticket. Entry Fees shall be one ticket for events with
Prizemoney up to $10.00 and two tickets for events with Prizemoney over $10.00. No refunds on unused

IN EVENTS FOR PAIRS OR TEAMS OF HACKS: A single entry is required for each pair or team.

MEASURING: Measuring is available and will be carried out by officials from the A.P & H Society

STABLING & CAMPING: Can only be booked and paid for online HERE