Advice received this afternoon from the Local Emergency Control Centre indicates the Showground will be likely to be used as an emergency centre as long as the fire situation remains unpredictable. It is likely we will not have access to the ground for any event in the near future.
The ongoing fires also mean large numbers of the community are either busily engaged in support roles or unable to safely leave their properties to enjoy an event like the previously planned community event 15th & 16th February.
It is hoped that funds promised to the Bega Show committee to help us provide a whole of community event will also become available and a better time will emerge for us as a community to gather, reflect, give thanks and relax and celebrate the good things that have come out of our losses.
The Show committee have deep regret that we will not be able to offer an opportunity for our valley to gather, to represent some normality, a sense that life goes on. Although we had cancelled the 3 day show we were determined to carry on. Now we have to concede defeat.
It is with some relief we see that the NRL trial game end of February is being followed by a concert. Although no replacement for our beloved show it will be a great start. Keep watching this space, and we look forward to seeing you at the show in better times.
David Grainger- President Bega AP&H (show committee)

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