2019 Fire & Charcoal Battle

Sunday 17th Feb 2019

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Camp Cooking at its best

Enter and pay entry fee online here

AND complete and send this form to entries@begashow.org.au or bring it with you on the day

Arrival and setup from Sat afternoon/night for your low and slow cooking

Entry thru Park Lane gate

Location: Bega Showground

Judges: Kelly Eastwood, Matt Christison, Lisa Herbert

Entry Fee: $15 each  $45 per team   $10 per class, min of 2 classes.

Click here to order and pay for your team and the protein classes you pick [min 2 up to 4]

Details: Team of three

Maximum of 15 teams

Low and slow competition        Presentation times

Pork 10.30am

Chicken 11.15am

Lamb 12.00pm

Beef 12.45pm

Each team to choose to present minimum 2 proteins accompanied by a side. Teams will need to provide plates, etc.

Present 5 pieces or 5 slices of each protein cooked any way accompanied by a side (hot or cold or sauce – not necessarily smoked).

No cooking or preparation prior to arrival at the showground.

Judges:   About Regional Food writer- Lisa Herbert, Matt Cristison- butcher extraordinaire and Kelly Eastwood from River Cottage

Judging according to point score system

Presentation of awards at 2.00pm

$500 Presidents award plus individual class awards


Each team to provide:

  • their own cooker/smoker
  • meats of their choice
  • Food thermometer on hand- need to demonstrate food has reached Food Safe temperature for acceptable time 

  • 20L drum with tap filled with water

  • 10 litre bucket to catch waste water

  • Hand sanitiser


  • Esky and ice

A food supervisor will be onsite to inspect cooking (Bega Show society to provide)

No cooking or preparation prior to arrival at the Showground. Call Norm Pearce immediately upon arrrival at the Showgroun on 0407260355 to arrange inspection.


Surplus food becomes property of Bega A.P. & H. Society Inc. to sell, to raise funds for charity

Food sampling tickets for sale at the Bar. Food available after each class has been presented to judge.

Contact : – email Norm Pearce  or phone him on 0407260355